/Photography Jobs Online Review – All To Know About Making Money Via Photographs

Photography Jobs Online Review – All To Know About Making Money Via Photographs


Do you know that you can make easy money from home just with a camera device and a personal computer? According to Photography Jobs Online (PJO), you can. The online platform takes you through the steps and basics of making money via photographs. They educate you on how you can make money comfortably from the photos that you take. Thousands of professional photographers in the world make several dollars through the platform. The photos bought are used in magazines, print ads, websites, blogs, and other marketing forums. Here is a quick overview of the service provisions of PJO, and why you should or shouldn’t take an interest in them.

1. What exactly is Photography Jobs Online?

PJO is an online platform operating under the website, http://photography-jobs.net/, that promises big cash gains if you send pictures that are marketable to them for uploading. In short, PJO allows you to make money by selling your best photos to companies. They have a range of photo banks that allows you to earn after your uploaded picture is downloaded. They simply act as brokers between you and the client company. As a middleman, PJO is contacted by companies in need of photos. In turn, the companies pay for the service and you get a commission.

2. Who Can Join PJO and For How Much?

Photography Jobs Online is a site for any person who has a strong passion for photography and wants to make money via the art. If you are interested in the opportunity, you are expected to sign up for a membership program after which you get access to several photography provisions. PJO programs provide you with a 7-day trial offer that is free of charge, after which you are expected to pay monthly fees. The 7 days allow you to have a feel of what the platform is about and how money is made. After the expiry of the free trial, you are expected to subscribe to the service. In this case, you are expected to pay $1 for the first month. After this, you are required to pay $27 in the subsequent months, until you cancel the membership.

3. What are the Benefits of Working with PJO?

PJO offers a number of perks to interested members. According to them, you stand to gain the following benefits:

  • You can work from anywhere.
  • You can earn several dollars every month, depending on the volume of work uploaded.
  • You get a 2-month money back policy.
  • No commission is deducted from your monthly earnings.
  • You have the freedom to decide on the types of pictures to take and upload.
  • No experience is required to join the platform.
  • You can upload as many images as you want and earn form them.
  • There is a range of photography tasks to pick from.

4. How Do You Make Money with PJO?

The process for uploading the pictures so as to make money is simple and straightforward. It involves 4 simple steps as indicated below:

• Step 1: Take a photo of your choosing.

• Step 2: Submit the photo online to the photo bank and wait.

• Step 3: Wait for the photo to be downloaded by the client.

• Step 4: Wait to receive your money.

This process is not challenging but requires a clear understanding of the routine and patience. It’s important to take as many photos as possible and follow the steps highlighted above in each upload. This is because you can only make money if enough images get purchased. There is a minimum stipulation that you are expected to comply with before you can transfer the money earned to your cash account.

5. How Much Can You Really Earn from the Photos?

I cannot put an exact figure of how much you can earn on PJO but it can be a lie to say that you can earn thousands of dollars when beginning. Normally, each of your uploaded photos that are downloaded by a client allows you to earn $0.20-$1.00. So, how many photos do you expect to be downloaded to earn several thousand? I believe many, and you need to remember that there are thousands of photographers doing the same thing. Put simply, the market is saturated and it’s unrealistic to expect a lot.

6. What Do You Access After Subscribing to the Program?

After signing up at PJO, you are entitled to receive the following:

• Full access to the PJO database

• Daily job updates from PJO

• Private coaching

• Email customer support

• Video tutorial, tools, and supportive resources

• Sign up bonuses

7. What to Expect When Logging into the Site?

Once you log into the member’s page, you get access to the user’s dashboard. The page contains the following icons:

• Step-by-step guide: This is for submitting the pictures

• Tools: This is for supportive accessories such as the album creator, thumbnail generators, and photo galleries.

• Photography news: For available photography jobs.

• Premium Surveys: For sites that pay well for photo surveys.

8. What I Like About PJO

There are a few pros that make PJO worth considering. To begin with, they provide the members enough photographic information and opportunities to make money. This is a nice thing, especially for beginners. Secondly, the lessons are easy to understand, and the 4-step guide is easy to follow as well. Additionally, joining the platform does not require very costly devices. You just need a camera and a laptop. Lastly, I like the idea that there is a 7-day free trial for new members. This means that you can make an assessment whether to subscribe or not after the 7 days.

9. What I Don’t Like about PJO

There are several cons about this photography website. To be specific, the following elements are worrying:

• The sale’s page of the company is slightly exaggerated and may mislead you or make you raise your expectations unnecessarily.

• The fact that they promise instant money making opportunities is not logical.

• Considering that you have to wait to see if your photos will be downloaded means that the business is not fully reliable.

10. Is PJO a Scam or Legit?

There are many theories pertaining to the question but just to make things clear, PJO is not a scam, and I will tell you why. To begin with, joining the platform for free allows you access to very useful photography information. This means that you can copy the lessons and use the tips to make money. Secondly, even though it takes time to realize the benefits, you can make money via PJO. The only concern is that earning is not as quick or as sizeable as the brand creator claims. Generally, it’s hard to make money through photographs online but this does not make the business impossible. It takes hard work and time before vast profits can be claimed. Lastly, the freedom to work from home and upload the photos is a positive thing. This is backed by positive reviews by customers who have tried the program and recommended it. Their comments suggest a brand that can be trusted. Whichever way you look at PJO, there are pieces of evidence to suggest that it’s a legit business worth considering.

Final Thoughts

Having looked at what Photography Jobs Online is all about, I give the site a 7/10 rating. This is because of the assessment that the platform is a legit one and enjoys more pros than cons. If you have an eye for photography and don’t know how to make money from the art, you should try PJO. The platform will not only offer you the opportunity to make money but it will also allow you to access important photography resources. The process of making money is hyped by the site owner but the opportunity is there. However, you should be prepared to part with a few dollars before you actually start earning.

Gary Nguyen is a 24-year-old photographer and writer from New York City. Some of his works have been published in The Guardian, New York Times, Telegraph, and many others. Learn more