/Fro Knows Photo Review – Is it Worth The Investment?

Fro Knows Photo Review – Is it Worth The Investment?


Photography is a field that requires quality skills and competence to create quality work. Anybody can take out a camera and capture anything. Nonetheless, having a good camera does not necessarily translate to quality pictures. There is need to learn about quality photography from the experts. Have you heard of Fro Knows Photo? This review will help you understand what Fro Knows Photo is, and why you should consider the tutorial. The review also takes you through the basics of the tutorial program, the pros and cons, and the overall assessment of the course.

1. What is Fro Knows Photo?

The Fro Knows Photo is a digital photography course founded by Jared Polin. The course is a video tutorial that teaches everything there is to know about photography. The course helps you create photos like a professional. You also learn about how to get creative when taking the photos. The video tutorial takes you through the various powerful lenses that you can buy. You also learn how to use the lenses properly. In the long run, the skills learned will help you sell good photographs. According to Jared Polin, it does not matter if you are an amateur or a professional. The course is important for all individuals with a passion for photography, especially those who want to make money from it. He shares his knowledge and skills to help you polish your image taking proficiency. After going through the training, you stand to benefit a lot.

2. What are the Contents of the Photography Course?

The photography course covers a range of topics that are vital in photo taking and photo marketing. The main ones include:

• Making the image background blurred: You will have an opportunity to learn how to use the basic lens systems and focal length designs to make blurred backgrounds on selected images.

• Exposure triangle: You learn the tips for making quality triangles.

• DSLR shooting modes: You will learn about how to use the various DSLR formats of your camera.

• Choosing the lens: Quality photographs are determined by quality lenses. The lesson helps you identify and use the right lens.
• About ISO: You will study the basics and impacts of ISO.

• Shutter speed knowledge: You’ll learn about the various approaches to employ to avoid under/overexposure of the images.

• Camera overview: You’ll discover the uses and designs of your camera. The topic helps you understand and use your camera better.

• The composition of high-quality pictures: You’ll learn how you can maintain quality in your photographs.

• Acting like a pro: You’ll study how to see things around you in the eyes of a professional photographer.

Generally, the three-hour video tutorial covers the above topics in detail. If you are keen on details, three hours is all you need to polish your photographic skills. Jared also records an additional 20-minute video for beginners. The short tutorial helps you learn the tips for setting up a photographic enterprise. You will also learn about the marketing techniques to employ to sell your photos. Basically, there is so much to learn about photography from Fro Knows Photo, and you can only access the full information if you subscribe to the course.

3. What are the Pros and Cons of Fro Knows Photo?


• Straightforward photography lessons: The beauty of this video tutorial is that it’s straight to the point. You will learn what is important and relevant to you as a photographer. Jared explains each topic clearly with simple words, and you can’t get bored easily.

• You get into Jared’s world: Jared’s choice of using a video tutorial to explain his understanding of photography helps you see camera work like he does. With an affordable price, you’ll learn the tips for becoming a professional photographer like Jared.

• Lessons arranged logically: The topics are arranged in a logic sequence for easy understanding. You start learning the basics before you get to the details. This helps you connect each piece of the lesson the right way. For example, Jared first informs you of the DSLR basics before getting into complex details such as the ISO and shutter speed.

• Guide for marketing: You not only learn how to produce high-quality images but also how to make money from the art. This element is important for all who see photography as more than a hobby. The guide helps you to understand how you can run a full-time photography business.

• Two video formats: Unlike most photography tutorials that are available in digital formats only, Fro Knows Photo tutorial comes in a digital format that is downloadable and physically in a DVD format.

• 2-month Money Back: You will enjoy a 60-day money back provision when you make the purchase. Jared has trust in his work, and that’s why he provides a 2-month return policy that allows you to claim your money if you are not convinced of the service.


• Single language: If you are okay with comprehending English, this is not a problem. However, if you cannot understand English well, the tutorial video cannot help you.

• Extra shipping charges: If you opt for the physical form, you will have to pay extra fees to have the DVD version shipped.

• Needs more Editing: Even though Fro Knows Photo is packed with quality information on photography, its presentation can be bettered by proper editing.

4. FAQs

1) Who is Fro Knows Photo tutorial for?

• The video is meant for beginners, seasoned professional and any other person who is serious about photography.

2) What is the Price of the Tutorials?

• The digital format of the tutorial download goes for $97 while the physical DVD copy goes for about $107, inclusive of the shipping fee.

3) Can I get my money back after making the purchase?

• YES. You are offered a 60-day return policy, and the provision entitles you to a 100% cash claim.

4) How long does the course run?

• Essentially the main lessons run for three hours with the exception of the beginners’ guide, which goes for an extra 20 minutes.

Final Thoughts

Generally, Fro Knows Photo is a wonderful product for all photography beginners and professionals. As a beginner, the lessons help you understand how to take good quality images and how to market them. As a professional, you also get extra tips to polish your photography skills. Having to learn via video support is an advantage. The approach is practical, which makes learning fun. The video tips are simple to follow and copy. What’s more, you can always replay it in case you missed a detail.

Gary Nguyen is a 24-year-old photographer and writer from New York City. Some of his works have been published in The Guardian, New York Times, Telegraph, and many others. Learn more