/Top 8 Best Camera Backpacks For You In 2017

Top 8 Best Camera Backpacks For You In 2017


After investing hundreds (if not thousands of dollars) on camera equipment, they last thing you can do is damage the precious equipment by failing to store and transport it properly. Similar to laptop bags, there are dozens of camera bags in the market just waiting to house your photography gear safely.

The sad truth about a camera backpack is that it needs to tick many boxes; it must provide comfortable carrying of your equipment, suitable protection for your photography gear along with quick access to your camera. There is a wide range of camera backpacks, from outdoor to urban photography, and whether you just need a basic bag for several hours of city snapping, there is everything for you in the market. When buying a camera backpack, however, it is important to consider several attributes and here is a list of the few attributes you must take into account.

Attributes To Consider When Buying A Camera Backpack

A Waterproof Cover – Outdoor photography is highly unpredictable because you never know when and how the weather will change. You could wake up to a sunny morning, only for it to turn foggy later in the day. As a result, most camera backpacks are constructed from a water-resistant or water-repellant material that offers ample protection against any form of precipitation, be it rain, fog or snow. For better protection during the wet season, some backpacks also have a protective rain cover that you wrap around your bag to make certain that every piece of your equipment stays dry all through.

Split Compartments – Photography isn’t about taking great snaps alone. There is a lot more that goes into making a single shoot come out surprisingly good. When buying a camera backpack, you should not tire until you find one whose storage area is divided into several compartments for you to carry a few necessities besides your photography equipment. You might want to stack a bottle of drinking water or a baseball cap; you never know. The extra compartments can also be important in the event that you want to use your backpack as a more general daypack when you’re vacating.

Shoulder Straps – When it comes to outdoor photography, the last thing you want is a backpack that gives you plenty of discomforts to move around with. For optimal comfort, you need to have a camera bag with shoulder straps that are padded and easily adjustable to fit. Although the width of the shoulder strap varies from bag to bag, it’s advisable to go for a bag with a wider rule. This will ensure that the shoulder straps do not dig into your shoulders when the bag is at full carrying capacity.

Access Points – If you’re a professional photographer, the last thing you want is to miss the opportunity to capture a breathtaking scene, like a wild deer chase or the breathtaking view of the sunset. You need a bag that allows you to access your camera instantly so that nothing passes by. Most camera backpacks allow you to access your camera through a zip that runs through the front of the bag. Better yet, some offer easy-access side panels that allow you quick access without taking off your bag.

The Best Camera Backpacks:

Case Logic SLRC-206
(Editor's Choice)
YesNylon4.1 poundsCheck Price
Manfrotto Pro-Light 3N1-35Yes-4.3 poundsCheck Price
Lowerpro Flipside 300
(Editor's Choice)
NoNylon2.7 poundsCheck Price
Chrome NikoYesNylon3 poundsCheck Price
Vanguard Adaptor 46YesCloth2.2 poundsCheck Price
Pacsafe Camsafe V17YesNylon2.2 poundsCheck Price
Tamrac Adventure 9Yes-4.2 poundsCheck Price
Incase DSLR Pro PackYesNylon2.69 poundsCheck Price

1. Case Logic SLRC-206 – Best value for money

If you are in the camera backpack market for something more tech-savvy, you should consider this product from Case Logic. This backpack can accommodate a DSLR camera, several lenses and a 15-inch laptop just in case you will need to edit your snaps while still in the field. Its waterproof exterior material protects your photography gear from water and rain whereas the cushioned foam interior and suspension straps keep your camera safe inside the bag.

Generally speaking, this backpack is a perfect choice for an active photographer who is always concerned about the safety of his gear.

  • Waterproof/Resistant
  • Comfortable straps and back padding
  • Mesh back allows airflow
  • Unable to lock zippers together
  • Small for larger cameras/lenses

2. Manfrotto Pro-Light 3N1-35 – Great storage space

Besides being well-known for the manufacture of tripods, Manfrotto is also known for the manufacture of decent backpacks. Besides having a dedicated camera compartment, the Pro-Light 3N1-35 also comes with a dedicated 13-inch laptop compartment. The pack’s camera compartment is big enough for a large-sized DSLR camera, a flash unit, and three extra lenses. Better yet, the compartment is very easy to reach, all thanks to the multiple zippers on each compartment.

The backpack’s construction is also excellent. From high-quality fabric to sturdy buckles and zippers, this backpack leaves nothing for chance. What’s even more interesting is that it comes with a removable rain cover to ensure that all your photography equipment is protected from the rain. Another excellent feature about this bag is that it gives you the ability to rearrange the straps hence allowing you to use the bag as a left or right sling bag.

  • Very spacious
  • Beautifully designed
  • Comfortable hand straps
  • Plenty of Pockets
  •  No water bottle holder

3. Lowepro Flipside 300 – Great for active people

The Lowerpro had made great inroads into the camera backpack market in the last five. Comfortable and roomy, this bag can accommodate everything that a professional photographer needs for an everyday field shoot, such as a tripod, flashes, extra lenses and a few extras. Better yet, you will have enough room to slot in a few snacks. With this backpack, you can easily access most of your photography gear from the side of the bag, which means that you don’t have to pull it off your back to get another lens.

This bag is also the epitome of camera backpack versatility. A waist belt, support straps, and removable accessory pouches let you customize your pack for optimal functionality and comfort. All these features combined result in a backpack that’s perfect for any photography session; from wildlife photography to portrait shoots. From easy-to-access accessory pouches, to comfort when wearing to lots of room for your photography gear, this backpack offers it all.

  • Well built with tough nylon fabric
  •  Contains padding on the straps and on the back for maximum comfortable
  • Includes a rain cover for unexpected weather
  • May be hard to access gear at the bottom of the bag for some

4. Chrome Niko – Aesthetic design

Although Chrome might not be the first company that comes to your mind when camera bags are at stake, you cannot rule them out. While the company is known for street-style clothing and bags, the Niko camera backpack is also an excellent product. Made with the company’s signature aesthetics, this pack offers a haven for your camera as well as the extra lenses you want to bring along. The backpack’s front and top access, customizable interior organization and the multiple pockets make this backpack a handy hauler for an array of camera setups. Its weatherproof construction also keeps your photography kit safe from the rain.

  • Holds a lot for its size
  • Looks good
  • Waterproof/Resistant
  • The zipper to quickly access your camera may not ideal

5. Vanguard Adaptor 46 – Simple and lightweight

Just like most of the backpacks available in the market, this bag’s camera compartment is located at the bottom to ensure maximum safety when moving around. Besides being big enough to hold the conventional DSLR camera and four extra lenses, the camera compartment can also be easily accessed from two different sides. Depending on your mood and photo shoot location, it is also possible for you to convert this backpack into a slingback by tucking one of the shoulder straps away. And when the pack is used as a sling bag, you can quickly grab your camera to capture a breathtaking scene.

While this bag feels comfortable on the shoulders and back, it is also equipped with a chest and middle strap for more stability and comfort. This camera backpack is constructed from durable, high-quality and waterproof fabric, so you don’t have to worry about the pack wearing out as soon as you buy it.

  • Easily Converts to Sling Pack
  • Customizable Interior Dividers
  • Holds 13″ Laptop
  • Tripod holder may not be stable
  • No rain cover

6. Pacsafe Camsafe V17 – Anti-Theft technology


This Pacsafe Camsafe Camera Backpack is the perfect combination of ease-of-access and discrete security features like an RFID-blocking pocket, eXomesh slashguard, Carrysafe Slashguard strap and lockable zippers. The pack’s top compartment is used for storing personal accessories such as water whereas the removable camera compartment is easily accessible from the side. This backpack also comes with a rear sleeve that fits a 15-inch laptop or can serve as your hydration storage bladder just in case you will be doing your shoots in the scorching sun.

  • Weather friendly
  • Anti-theft feature
  • Plenty of padding for your gear
  •  May not be ideal for long-term travel trips due to its size

7. Tamrac Adventure 9 – Simple design

The Adventure 9 backpack is an attractive, modern-looking pack that comes in gray-black and red-black color combinations. The backpack is divided into two compartments; the bottom one is used to store all your main photography gear whereas the top is used to hold other accessories. The compartments also have adjustable dividers, so it’s pretty easy for anyone to arrange the compartments as you desire.

This pack also comes with a dedicated laptop space just in case you will need to perform some editing tasks when on the go. For extra stability and comfort, this backpack comes with a middle and chest strap that helps keep the bag in position. Crafted from a weather resistant fabric, the Tamrac Adventure 9 ensures that all your equipment is safe from the rain so no need to wrap it with an extra rain cover.

  • Generously padded
  • Well-made & roomy
  • General section is smaller than that in the Lowepro bag 

8. Incase DSLR Pro Pack – Great for daily use

The pack’s sleek and city-friendly styling will neither attract any unwanted attention nor alert by-passers of its contents, a feature that most modern-day photographers are sure to appreciate when carrying expensive photography gear. The backpack’s external pouches are useful for easy-access accessories such as chargers and cables while the bag’s internal padded sections for the laptop will keep your photography tech protected.

  • Plenty of space for camera gear and more
  • Great for an everyday backpack
  • Plenty of pockets and smart organizational compartments
  • No waist strap
  • The material at bottom of the backpack may not be resistant to wear and tear overtime

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